About Anvesha

www.anvesha.co.in is a humble effort to appreciate the richness and of Assamese folk culture through the Internet, particularly the traditional musical instruments used in Assam. Similar to demographics of the region, the traditional musical instruments in the Assamese Culture, has their own uniqueness and specialty over the Folk music of the rest of India. It may be because Assam and its surrounding area has been influenced by almost all major primary civilizations in the Afro-Asian and European region, such as Aryan, Alpine, Mongoloid, Negroid etc. Every civilization has left its mark over the present Assamese Folk Culture, hence a wide variety of Musical Instruments are found in this region.

While, significant work on the Traditional Musical Instruments are carried out and published in Print Media, particularly in Assamese Language, very little information is available in English and over the internet. Moreover, due to drastic change in lifestyle of the people in the region, in last few decades, most of the traditional instruments and for that matter folk music, has lost in place in the social life of Assamese people. Now the situation is such that, it is the job of a few Professional Folk Artists to keep them from disappearing to oblivion, which is not a very prospective business.

This is where www.anvesha.co.in thinks it has a role, the overall goal of which is given in the home page of this web site. We have started to work on understanding and documenting the vast expanse of Assamese traditional musical instruments, and make them available in the internet, a small step towards a huge journey. We are committed to keep collecting information and update them continuously in this web site. The information available here is free for everyone to share, however we would appreciate if one doesn't forget a thanks while doing so. We are a non-profit organization doesn't have any patronization; we are funded by a few private donors.

During the course of our research, we realized that Assamese folk music is still in its purest form, hardly any grammars are available, lack of formal institutions for teaching it, and there is a lot of room for modifications and customizations. We understood that lot of data exists colloquially, and has contradictions from place to place, artists to artists, pundits to pundits. We decided to take the midway, we tried to incorporate all colors, understanding the fact that, Folk music is not a job of the Ustads, it is developed by rural people without any formal knowledge of music. They did what made them happy, and modulated it as and when they wanted, in fact, which is the spirit of Folk music.

We have used three major sources for collection of data for this website

  • The published works in Print media , due acknowledgement is given to them under each and every article (Books & other literature)

  • The Folk Artists and Experts on Assamese Folk Music (Verbal)

  • The Artisans who are making these musical instruments traditionally (Verbal and Site visits)

We are not claiming that we are telling you the absolute truth, the error probability is high, as we have to depend on few unrecognized sources. While we tried to present the most logical and reliable information, we would appreciate the valuable suggestions of the knowledgeable persons and organizations. We do believe that this is just a beginning, and we have a long way to go

Thanks a lot for your interest in Assamese Traditional Musical Instruments.