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Allied & Regional Music

One of the vital component of Assamese folk music is its regional formations, the indigenous genre of music specific to particular regions of Assam , such as Goalpara, Kamrup , Darang etc. Moreover, in this category , other forms of religious and semi religious music of Assam is also been included, such as Tokari geet, Diha Naam, Deh Bisar geet, Jikir & Jari, Ainaam, Nagera Naam, Ojapali etc.

Assamese culture also is enriched by a wide range  of allied folk music, played & sung in different occasions in specific regions since ancient times.. Some forms of popular allied folk music of Assam are

  1. Biya – Naam (The marriage songs) - including Nowai tolani biyar naam and Bhekuli biyar naam)

  2. Gorokhiya naam (Songs of Cow keepers)

  3. Phool Konwar / Moni Konwwaror geet (Song of the two Princes – Moni konwar & Phool Konwar)

  4. Jona Gabharur geet (Songs of princess Jona)

  5. Khel Dhemalir geet (Play songs for young boys)

  6. Nisukoni geet (Lullabies)

  7. Omala geet (Nursery rhymes)

  8. Apeswari xobahor naam (The devotional songs for angels)

  9. Lokhimi adora naam (Songs of first harvest dedicated to goddess of prosperity Lakshmi)

  10. Barmahi geet (Songs describing seasons with a sad theme)

  11. Naoreeya geet (Songs of Boat race)

  12. Dhemelia geet (Comic songs)

  13. Malitas (Ballads) – with subtypes like Nahorar Malita, sikon goxainr malita, Bakhor Borar malita, Padma Kumarirr Malita, etc.

  14. Ojapali