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Satriya Nritya
Satriya Nritya

Religion is an integral part of any community or society, an integral part of its cultural heritage, particularly in Indian Scenerio. It is considered as an organized approach for leading a fulfilling and happy life. The religious community of Assam mainly comprises of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. Apart from this, various tribes of Assam follows their indigenous religious principles. Despite such vast differences in their religious faiths and beliefs, all the people within the state live in perfect peace and harmony with each other.
The religious dimension of Assamese life is principally influence by the Ek-Xaran Naam Dharma or the Vaisnav Dharma of Mahapurux Shreemanta Sankardeva. The Gurujona (as addressed by people of Assam) was the father of Assamese religious and cultural integrity. He used culture as the key instrument of spreading his religious philosophy to the mass. As a result, the Vaisnavite culture has become so deep rooted in the society, that its influence is observed in all spheres of Assamese social life. Religious overtones of His teaching are obvious in almost all forms of Assamese folk music. He synthesized the fundamentals of Indian Classical music with folk tradition of already existed in this part of land, and thus gave birth to a new genre of music.

The influence of vaisnavite music of the Gurujona (Popularly known as Assamese Xatriya Culture, as the Xatras in Assam get the lion's share of credit of maintaining and spreading this form of Music) is so vast in Assamese culture, that The musical instruments related to Xatriya culture are categorized separately in this web site. Without denying the fact that the other forms of religious music are also as important, the vastness of Assamese vaisnavite of Xatriya culture, led us come to this conclusion. The other religious and semi-religious music and hence the Musical instruments are kept under the allied music category here. However this is not a very stringent categorization, and we understand the interferences, and in no intension to dishonor the importance of the contributions of other forms of Assamese religious music. This genre of religious folk music of Assam includes, Naam – Praxanga, Bhäona- Xobah, Borgeet, Xatriya Nritya, and other vaisnav festivals of Assam.